Commercial Plumbers – Wollongong, Illawarra & Sydney

As commercial plumbers, Wollongong’s JSC Plumbing is fast, effective and reliable. We thrive on commercial and industrial plumbing jobs, coordinating with other tradespeople to complete your project with speed and efficiency.

JSC Plumbing offer comprehensive commercial and industrial plumbing solutions. We specialise in new installations and also offer repairs, gas fitting, sewer renewal, and more. With our extensive experience and qualifications, you can count on us for all manner of large and small projects.

Our Wollongong Commercial Plumbing Team

Our highly-trained team of commercial plumbers are ready to handle any project. With our high standards and excellent track record, we aim to complete your job with the skill you expect from professional commercial plumbers.

Our team will meet your expectations in all areas, such as:

  • Fully licensed and workers, certified in all areas of commercial and industrial plumbing
  • Extensive experience on commercial plumbing sites
  • All team members stay up to date with the latest rules and regulations
  • Fully insured for your peace of mind

Commercial Plumbing Tools

JSC have a wealth of experience with commercial and industrial-grade plumbing equipment. Below are some of the tools at our disposal for your next commercial plumbing job.

  • Industrial cutting tools, such as concrete saws & concrete drills
  • Modern tools such as pipe groovers and electro-fusion welders
  • Portable water tanks and submersible trash pumps
  • Various sized excavators and diggers, plus attachments such as rock breakers
  • Portable generators

Additional Services

In addition to commercial plumbing installations, JSC offer plumbing repair and maintenance for all commercial properties. We also provide gas fitting services, including repair and maintenance, for your commercial property.

Some of Our Work

Wollongong commercial plumbing—new café development, Auburn St

This local commercial plumbing job included setting up drainage for a new Wollongong café. Being a food preparation environment, they were concerned with floor waste in addition to sink drainage.

The property was unusual due to its placement, which was low compared to the available sewage lines. This created inadequate fall for gravity-based drainage. Therefore, we installed a pump-out reservoir to give their waste water enough pressure to drain effectively.

Sydney commercial plumbing—St George’s Basin new communal facility

This community health facility included a kitchen and indoor pool, so good drainage was critical. The pictures below show some of our work during foundational plumbing.

The Commercial Plumbers Wollongong trusts

With experience throughout the Illawarra and Sydney regions, JSC are the Wollongong commercial plumbers you can trust. Call James on 0422 758 071 today!

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