Civil Plumbers—Wollongong, Illawarra and Sydney Regions

As civil plumbers, Wollongong’s JSC Plumbing works with professionalism on Illawarra and Sydney infrastructure projects. Our qualified team is equipped for all civil plumbing work, including stormwater, sewerage and water infrastructure.

JSC is proud to have a history of civil plumbing projects conducted with skill and efficiency. In addition to their standard training, our fully qualified civil plumbers hold Rail Industry Worker certification. Thus, we are available able to take on civil plumbing jobs on railways throughout Australia.

Our Civil Plumbers at Work

Wollongong civil plumbing—Church St

On this local civil plumbing job, we upgraded the safety provisions on this Church Street property. This involved the addition of a booster hydrant and hot tap for 100mm fire service.

The job included road opening and repair, as well as the fire hydrant set up. Work was complex with traffic and public safety in mind, but our team delivered professional results as expected.

Civil Plumbing in Sydney, Substation—Forest Rd. Hurstville

This Hurstville substation needed a stormwater holding tank in order to help manage flooding around the facility. We installed an on-site stormwater detention (OSD) tank for this purpose.

The job also included excavation in preparation for the new installation. Like many older substations, the facility needed an oil separator, which we also installed.

Excavation and Storm Water drains

Whether we are digging trenches for pipe laying, or clearing a collapsed stormwater drain, JSC are no strangers to heavy-duty digging. You won’t need to hire a separate excavation service, because we use our own machines and operators for all plumbing excavation work. You save more time and money when you count on JSC plumbing for your civil excavation needs.

  • Trench digging for laying or replacing pipes
  • Cutting and laying concrete as required
  • Stormwater drains and water diversion
  • Sewer installation and renewal

If your civil plumbing job requires excavation work, give JSC a call today!

Our Compact Excavator Machines

We have two JCB excavators available for civil works, for use as required:

  • JCB 8018 CTS mini excavator: The smaller of our excavators is barely one metre wide, so it can fit into almost any space you might require. If you need a trench, garden bed or other area excavated in a tight space, our mighty mini 8018 is the answer.
  • JCB 8035 ZTS mini excavator: Do you have a bigger job in mind? At just 1750mm wide, the 8035 ZTS is still significantly smaller than an ordinary excavator, making it convenient for most operations. With zero tail swing, the cab pivots entirely over the treads, requiring less clearance during the excavation process.

Because we operate our own machinery, there’s no need for a third-party contractor who may or may not have experience with our particular models. The required excavation will be carried out in a quick, efficient manner by an experienced and proven operator. Plus, since we include the cost of operation in your quote, you won’t find any nasty surprises or hidden costs!

The Civil Plumbers Wollongong is Looking For

JSC Plumbing’s experience and track record show why we are your top choice for civil plumbing projects in the Illawarra and beyond. If you need civil plumbers in Wollongong or the Sydney area, call JSC Plumbing today on 0422 758 071.

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